Why Sri Lanka is one of the Best places to Visit for an Ayurveda

Ayurveda can be highly commercialized word. Providing the best Ayurveda treatments are limited and we do list it up for you

Authentic Ayurveda Treatments – Yes, we are different from Indian Ayurveda

Ayurveda treatments in Sri Lanka is a unique tradition that has been passed on from generation to generation which has immense benefit and result for many years. While certain Indian traditions are blended with these treatments you can expect a unique experience altogether in Sri Lankan Ayurveda treatments.

From herbs to all the ingredients and the way it is being applied is different from how a traditional Indian treatment would conduct.

Internal herbal medication is unique to Sri Lanka and combined with the spa treatments and dietary requirements.

Yes!! You can ONLY experience these Ayurveda Treatments in Sri Lanka while you also reap the benefits of a holiday in the tropics amidst relaxation and bliss.

7 Nights Ayurveda Healing Package

2) How SAFE is it to go for an Ayurveda holiday in Sri Lanka?

Our team of experts at Ayurva has hand picked the best resorts and retreats which are safe and also provide authentic Ayurveda treatments. This will not only save your time of search and also ensure that you get the local expertise to bring you to the correct resort or hotel for your holiday.

There are many places coming up in the country as Ayurveda is getting much popular and people around the world has experienced the healing benefits of Ayurveda.

We strongly recommend the places which have obtained the government license for such operation and also where ingredients and method of treatments are experienced by our own team.

Specially panchakarma treatment, which is a deep detox technique needs to be carefully arranged and supervised by qualified doctors.

Our team has already done the research for you and you can assure that they will be guiding you on choosing the ideal holiday for you based on your travel & wellness requirements.

3) Would you prefer to be closer to the beach or be amidst beautiful greenery of Sri Lanka while taking treatments?

Whether you are on the look out for a holiday to be away from the hustle and bustle of city life and give yourself the gift of nature or spend a holiday at a luxurious resort pampering yourself while going through the Ayurveda program we have it all covered for you.

Our list of resorts are ranging from affordable to luxurious while the sceneries can simply take your breath away while you are on your holiday with us in Sri Lanka.

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4) Meals — healthy traditional Sri Lanka cuisine

Eating healthy is not boring… Try the traditional mouthwatering Sri Lankan dishes to sooth your taste buds.

We can also provide your hand picked Ayurveda retreats where each meal will be tailor made just for you.

Sri Lanka is an island blessed with a variety of herbs, vegetables and tropical fruits that you will have a huge variety of choices.

Most of the resort conduct cooking lessons where you can learn to make these healthy and delicious meals when you get back home.

5) Let the Professionals take care of you

Ayurveda is an integral part of Sri Lankan culture and having an Ayurveda doctor in every village was a practice in ancient Sri Lankan tradition. This amazing knowledge has been passed from generation to generation who are blessed with the healing powers of Ayurveda.

Our Ayurva team work with these professionals who provide treatments at resorts and they also possess government approved qualifications to provide such services and treatments.

Having a wellness travel agent to consult you is one way we assist you to pick the best for you. Just let us know the length of your stay, your wellness requirements and the preferred location with a rough budget in mind. The rest will be handled by our team who will provide you with information on handpicked holidays for you. We are well connected with the best resorts and retreats in Sri Lanka hence we can not only assist you with the best options but also the best deals.

Experience Panchakarma in an Ayurveda Yoga Retreat

6) We have a place for every budget

Our list of resorts are ranging from affordable to luxury allowing each traveler an option for their wellness holiday in Sri Lanka.

7) It is not only about treatments, Sri Lanka is a land filled with Healing Energies

Be ready to experience one of a kind holiday in the land of Sri Lanka which will not only gift you with a blissful Ayurveda experience but also a land which will fill your heat and soul with healing energies.

While you are going through the program, healing cuisine, yoga and meditation sessions and the love and compassion from the Ceylonese people will let your experience a wholesome wellness experience. Beautiful prayers and scented smell coming through the temples will relax your heart and soul making you ready for a complete wellness journey on this island.

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This is what our clients says about their Ayurveda experience:

Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilion Negombo, Sri Lanka Date: 23rd Feb 2016

“Our stay at Ayurveda Pavilion was wonderful taste into Sri Lankan Ayurveda culture. Peaceful atmosphere, beautiful natural surrounding and relaxing treatments. Doctors and staff were lovely. Would recommend to anyone seeking a serene and beautiful immersion into Ayurveda.”

Jetwing Lagoon Negombo, Sri Lanka Date: 29th Oct 2015

“We stayed for 8 days in the Jetwing Lagoon and did the full Ayurveda program. Our entire experience was fantastic. Ayurva Traveller’s recommendation and service were excellent. The hotel is wonderful. The rooms and bathrooms are huge and very comfortable and the 100m long swimming pool is gigantic. We very much enjoyed the Ayurveda program , totally relaxing and a perfect way to re-charge your batteries. Highly recommended.”

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